Getting Rougher

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hey dolls,
Hold on to your perfectly poised hats, girls, because Rough Diamond blog shop brought to you by two fashion maniac sisters, proudly known as Ms. Petito’ & newly wed Mrs. Fatty boom boom. There’s so much going on that we don’t know where to put ourselves!! We are over excited for the born of this new blog shop because we are able to share our spontaneous overflow of fashion.  
Rough Diamond is a place to share all the things we find inspiring. Even the blog shop name is inspired from one of TOPSHOP collections loooong ago (hehe...)...So, lets get down to business talking...This blog shop will feature most on bold, bright bags and shoes collections. Someday we will get our hands on clothes, tees, dresses and even crazy loads of accessorize.
Our word of wisdom: you can never go wrong with a navy and white stripe tee, loads of jewelers and rockin’ red nail varnish...
We’ll be making sure to hop down to our blog shop store to update with our latest collections from abroad to satisfy your thirst on amazing shoes and bags. Don’t forget to keep up with us on facebook to catch the latest collections in our blog shop. We’re in style overload over here – and we’re never been happier!

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